This is a highly critical election for Oceanside Voters, Taxpayers, Families and Business owners. 

It will decide whether we will have an Oceanside Public Library, Oceanside public parks, Oceanside Senior Centers (El Corazon Senior Center and Country Club Lane Senior Center), and athletic and educational after-school programs. 

It will decide whether we will have a sustainable park at El Corazon with football fields, new competition and therapeutic swimming pools and walking trails. Or just more high density housing. 

It will decide whether we continue becoming the most wonderful coastal city in North County. Or become a city overwhelmed with traffic congestion, loss of jobs, and conversion of El Corazon Park to high density residential units. 

It will decide whether we will continue to have life-saving firefighter/paramedics or a dial-a-private EMT that will charge an unacceptably huge amount of money for a simple ride to the hospital. EMT’s – “emergency medical technicians” – have no medical training and thus cannot administer any medical aide upon arrival or during the very expensive drive to the hospital. 

The prior majority used the slump in the world economy and problems on Wall Street as an excuse to re-prioritize our city’s funding.  They wanted to stop funding critical and important services our citizens have come to rely on.  Instead, they want to use our valuable city’s general fund – taxpayer money – to fund the private development projects of their San Diego multi-million dollar developer sponsors. 

Council Member Lowery wants to change the zoning of city commercial lands and thousands of acres of agricultural lands in S. Morro Hills, in eastern Oceanside, to higher density residential, to build thousands of new homes, which means building very expensive new infrastructure – new sewage treatment plant, water, municipal services – increasing fees and taxes to all Oceanside residents.  Our water bills will triple!  Our housing values will drop!  Traffic will be at a standstill throughout Oceanside!  

A new majority would be able to exercise “Eminent Domain,” to take the homes away from Oceanside residents by force.  15 homeowners in the Jeffries Ranch area have already been targeted. 

The Truth 

The City of Oceanside is in good financial shape.  Recent reports have city revenues at higher than expected levels.  We reacted very quickly to the changed economy.  150 positions were cut, without compromising valuable city services.  The City of Oceanside has ALWAYS passed a balanced budget.  There are no reasons – no financially-sound budget reasons – why the City of Oceanside will not be able to pass balanced budgets far into the foreseeable future and maintain our quality of life. 

The truth – the sky is not falling; the city is not in ANY danger of bankruptcy. 

We are, however, in danger of having all of our very valuable services “contracted away.”  Private contracts mean higher costs and reduction in services and service levels.  It means lost jobs to Oceanside residents, and no end to our housing market slump. 

Please do not let out-of-town developers decide what is best for Oceanside! 

Please vote for proven leadership! 

Vote YES for Esther! 

Thank you!


Friends of Esther Sanchez for Oceanside City Council District 1 2018, FPPC #1306379

Campaign Office: 3784 Mission Ave #152, Oceanside, CA 92058; 442-500-8028

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1789, Oceanside, CA 92051